Print your guide from Adobe Reader:

Set the print options

  • Printing: Two-sided
  • Page layout: Portrait
  • Two sided: Flip on the long side


  • On one side of the paper, two of the sections will be upside down.

Fold the pocket guide:

  • With the cover facing you in the lower right, fold the top half down and away from you
  • Fold it again, keeping the cover on the outside and making the More information section the back cover.

If you’ve folded your guide correctly:

  • The cover page should be facing you.
  • When you open up the booklet, the two inside pages should be right-side up.
  • If you open up again to the full sheet, those four pages should also be right-side up.

You should now have an edited, printed, and folded copy of your pocket voter guide.


Thanks to our partners at Center for Tech and Civic Life for these instructions.

If you’d like to make your own pocket guides, there are templates and instructions at