Thank you for your interest in supporting voter education efforts this year! Public health and medical professionals are trusted messengers who can help educate the public about their options to cast their ballots. Communities who vote at higher rates have better health because voting is one way you exercise your voice on decisions that affect your health. is designed by public health and civic education experts to help voters understand the many ways they can cast their ballot this year for healthier communities, whether they’re voting early by mail or in person, or casting their ballot on Election Day.

These are the most important ways you can help this year:

  • Work with local election officials. You and your peers can also serve as poll workers to help ensure people can cast their ballots this election cycle.
  • Cast your own ballot and let your network know how you followed public health guidance.
  • Learn more about health and democracy * through the Healthy Democracy, Healthy People initiative, which sprang from this project in 2020.
  • Support organizational policies that encourage co-workers to serve as election workers.
  • Incorporate voter education into your everyday practice using tools such as the Healthy Voting Guide.

For more expert guidance on health and voting, please see:

  • Health & Democracy Index shows the relationship between voting and health.
  • Healthy Democracy Healthy People Initiative, a non-partisan coalition of 11 public health organizations advancing health and racial equity by strengthening civic and voter participation and ensuring access to the ballot for all eligible voters.
  • Vot-ER, which helps medical and health professionals connect directly with voters.